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Start your own loyalty campaign free.

Register your activity, write your rules, print your poster. Done!

Invite your customers to join via social network or email, or register them in your dashboard.

Use a webcam or your smartphone or tablet to scan the customers cards and assign points.

No worries

Start your own loyalty campaign free.

Starting from 499 euro...

All inclusive: card reader, custom artwork cards. Assistance in the configuration of your rules and training on how to run it and connect to social networks.

Enterprise API

Cloud loyalty solution,

reliable and fully supported.

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Use Passbook


Your Virtual Fidelity Card immediately available on Iphone and Ipod of your customers.

The smartphone automatically proposes the card when the customer approaches the store and keeps up to date with push notifications, on the balance of points collected.

The cards can also be used on Android using Passbook App compatible with.

Your customers have a smartphone without Passbook updated? No problem, the virtual loyalty card can be installed as favorite in the browser or downloaded as an image.

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Connected with Facebook


Customers can register with one click via Facebook.

Using Facebook they let friends know automatically that the store has a loyalty campaign and may decide to share even points and awards received by clicking "Like" button.

Connect the Facebook page of your business with Likella and you'll have even more functions available.

You can increase the people who follow your activities on Facebook and automatically synchronize your Facebook post with the Likella news.

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developer api
Graph API

Likella is open loyalty platform.

Expand the services offered by your retail or e-commerce solutions via the API Likella.

Registering now your application and start develop, free of charge.

Looking for a custom solution developed for your business?

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